The Mafia's DJ (18+)

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“You know? Having a boss like you it's starting to irritate me" he said. She was looking at him with lust in her eyes, smelling that strong cologne on his body.

“Well, if I irritate you that much, you should probably quit" she smiled before he took her lips in his. She gave in, kissing him back with her fingers threading through his hair. She sat on her desk, opening her legs as he stood in between them, feeling her heat.

“We should probably stop. Your bodyguard might come in any second and catch us doing naughty things" he said biting her bottom lip.

"Don't worry about him. I am the boss after all, and who knows, it might be even more fun" she replied, opening her mouth and letting his tongue invade it. She pressed her chest against his, causing a groan to escape from his mouth. She was getting turned on even more until a knock on the door interrupted their heated moment.


Victoria Cervantes is a sexy, ruthless Mafia Queen who loves intimate and passionate moments just as much as the next girl. She struggled with bullying in her teenage years and thanks to her father, she became strong. Stuck between the arms of her bodyguard, her bartender and an unexpected man, who catches her eye, they’re willing to fight for her affections. Who will succeed and win her heart while dealing with her free spirited nature?

Along comes William James, her new DJ and an undercover cop sent to investigate her, finding out she's not what she appears to be.

When she discovers who killed her father and gets her revenge with the help of the three men in her life, who will Victoria's feisty heart belong to after that?


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