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"I am the one who you should worry about, I won't be able to resist. Please go back before I do something I regret" she smirked as he gave her another kiss.

"Well, we can regret it together" he mentioned while she looked at his eyes. He kept kissing her neck and her shoulders. His hand went down to her breast, pinching her n*****s and making her moan, while the other hand went further down in between her legs.

His fingers traced the slippery nub that begged for attention and he was more than willing to give it. He started with soft slow strokes that made her buck her hips for more contact.


Victoria Cervantes is a dominant mafia queen, who owns the affections of Rogelio, her bodyguard and Brandon, her bartender. She’s the kind of woman you don’t mess with, unless you’re William James.

William is an undercover cop who poses as a DJ to get information from her for a crime her father committed. As he keeps working for Victoria, he gets tangled in the web of seduction, passion and sex while entertaining her desires.

Working for both sides of the law may be difficult, but for his Mafia Queen, William will do anything.


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   “Hey, Beautiful. How are you?” Victoria was video chatting with Samantha. 

   A few days after the wedding, Samantha was offered a very prestigious job at a winery in Italy, and she couldn’t miss the chance.

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