Imesh-Subalicious Romance

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The story is about a lady by the name Email. She is beautiful, determined, outgoing and loves social media so much. She lives with her friend Nelly, who rescued her when she lost her job. They love each other very much such that no one ever knows that they are not blood sisters. She works in a certain company as a receptionist. Her boss is bitchy and sassy but that doesn’t bar her from waking up every day to attend to her duties.
She meets a man on a social in a Telegram group. His name is Felix, he is young and ambitious. He is out of the country on official duties. They begin as friends, the friendship ends up bearing real love. One year down the line, Felix comes back home. Unknown to them it wasn’t just an online love but real love. Emali ends up pregnant and Felix accepts responsibility.
Felix has a brother Jim and a friend Femi. He has a past as well as Emali, Linda and Jerry respectively. They gang up against the two, Linda in her PoV says she doesn’t and has never loved Felix. The only thing she was eve interested in was his money and the sex life he offered. She is involved with older men and confesses that her interest has always just been their money. Jerry and Linda swears that Emali cannot give kids to Felix.
Email and Felix conquers and ends up together. They leave the country but promises to come back soon. Happily ever after.


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We all convene at our home all our friends are here. I look at my sweet baby, my beautiful wife and admire her, she has saved my life from a million things. She gives me hope and joy, she serves me a plate of happiness each day and I love her so much. She is the best thing I have ev……