Tower of Lore

Maria Warren Fantasy

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The Tower of Lore is the most popular game in town and is just what Dusty needs to take his mind off the breakup with his long-time girlfriend Lindsey.

He sat down to play, expecting hours of gaming bliss, but his hopes are dashed when he's literally pulled into the game. While there he learns the beautiful princess Liana tried to summon a brave hero but instead got him.

He will have to climb the tower in order to restore the princess's power and save the Kingdom from a horde of monsters, luckily he's not alone in his adventure.

An anthropomorphic weapon-obsessed fox and a ferocious black leopard shifter will accompany him as well as more companions along the way.

Will the group be able to conquer the tower and unlock its secrets before the magic runs out? Or will the monsters break the tower down and slaughter all within?


Tags: TeleportationSecond ChancePrincessDramaFantasy-Romance ContestBxG
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