Mist (Book Three of the Royals Trilogy)

Katherine Sanchez Vampire/Werewolf

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The end is near. Skylar has now brought her sister home and left the Royale Brothers in custody, but her mission is not over just yet. Learning the truth about Elda has put her and her friends on edge. Elda must be stopped by all means or else it would mean chaos for the world. But they must be discrete and wise before closing in on the camp leader. Elda has her own agenda, she's closer than ever to achieving her goal. All she's missing, is the map that leads to the Temple of Supernatural.

Meanwhile, Mark tries to become closer to Skylar, he wants to break her walls and be the one to stand by her side, no matter what but Skylar is hesitant to give her heart. At least now, she has the freedom to choose her own path, her own destiny and she may now be able to follow her heart in these Dark times.


Tags: ActionAdventureParanormalVampireDarkKarma/DestinyKickass HeroineDramaTragedyDreameSeed2019
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I was standing outside in the clearing where I had almost died all those years back. The thin scar on my chest was a constant reminder of what had happened here. I could still remember it, clearly as if it had happened yesterday. 

We had arrived where Hunter Liam and the others were destroying the Dragon Stones. Th……