The Babysitter

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Y/N Cabello, is 19 years old, her sister Camila Cabello is 18 and her smallest sister is 7 years old. Her parents go on a vacation and they hire a babysitter to watch over them. Y/N has always been a rebellious girl, but what happens when she meets 21 year old Lauren Jauregui? Will Y/N make Lauren's life a living hell?


Tags: Love-triangleLove after MarriageAge GapSecond ChanceFriends to LoversBadgirlSingerCelebrityDramaGxG
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Chapter 32: Stunt Jump


-Your POV-Tori passed me the fake black box and it flew over my head. I reached for it and fell over the ledge and onto the stunt pad. It was only a four story building so it wasn't a long fall. Jacob who was waiting outside handed me the sign just in time when Lauren looked over……