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If misfortune had to take on a human shape, then Mikhael - a half-blood, would be the walking definition of it.

Twenty years ago, a major war that resulted in death of the Seventh Pureblood - one of the highest ranking vampire, loses to half of humanity and vampires both, extermination of entire city of New York, creation of Edens - cities populated purely by vampires and W.E.R.P. - group of the best human in the world gathered to control the order seemed like a nightmare for both humanity and vampires. And the only link between those seemingly separate matters is Mikhael, the oldest half-blood known to the world.

Or unknown.

If Mikhael was good at something, then it's hiding his own identity. To humanity, half-bloods are key to immortality without having to turn into vampires. To vampires, half-bloods are mass-producing factories of superior vampires that could be used for more bloodshed or inner struggles. In such environment, the only thing Mikhael could do is hide and make sure to never, absolutely ever come in contact with a Pureblood!

But destiny had its own plans for Mikhael.

What started of as a chivalrous deed to save a human, it ended up with Mikhael being arrested by W.E.R.P., sent straight to Eden and provoking the Sixth Pureblood before being forced to live and work with him. But the series of weird circumstances such as damage to the barrier of Eden, rebellion of Noble vampires and untimely visits from the Hunters HQ, slowly turned his new life upside down.

Becoming entangled with Ethan - the Sixth Pureblood, Mikhael slowly begins to realize that everything from the Great War to now is merely a chess game between Purebloods to contend for throne, while someone out there has set their eyes on him.


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