The Endless Series book 1: The Fairys Bargain

Cambria Covell Fantasy

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At twenty-one, Emma Endless is living her fairytale life. Working at a publishing house in New York City, engaged to charming, fantasy writer Ben Taylor. But on the eve before her wedding, Emma’s past comes back to haunt her. Years ago, Emma left England because of her family’s association with faeries. Her Grandfather, Edward Endless, was a writer who made his fortune off fairytales. Real ones told to him by the faerie king himself. As punishment for his crimes, the Faerie King Oberon demanded one of his granddaughters be given to him as his bride. Emma was put in an arranged marriage against her will and now, the faerie King has come to collect his bride. To save herself, Emma must reunite with her siblings, Louisa, Bradley, and their adoptive brother Clark who were more than willing to give her up to the faerie King the first time. Emma can only hope that blood is thicker than water and that together, they can free her from the King that’s controlled their lives so long.


Tags: DarkLove-triangleFriends to LoversArranged MarriageDominantGoodgirlKingQueenDramaEpic LengthBxG
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