The Twin Hybrids (The Unbalanced Multiverse)


Victor Emeh Fantasy

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Arthur, an Hybrid of light destined by the Creator to rule over the Multiverse from above on the great Throne of Pentera as a replacement for the former king who was betrayed and slayed by one of his cabinet called 'Lord Ethean.'

His twin brother 'Luther' the Hybrid of darkness, shared the great dynamic powers bestowed on Arthur from birth and he utilized it for the destruction of the Multiverse as he was controlled by one of the most Powerful, dreadful and evil Outworld Immortal who has his greatest interest on the great Throne. His is called 'Lord Zhergar.'

After the death of king Ghrampp, there was a great Unbalance in the Multiverse as the evil Immortals and Master Lords rose from their planets to strive for the mantle of succession to the Throne.

The Unbalance created a way for Lucifer (The Hell King) who was condemned in Hell for Millenniums by the Creator and was sealed in another realm. The realm was unsealed by his Hell Lord 'Lord Bhoax' who is the second most Powerful and fearful Immortal of the Multiverse and he pledge his loyalty to Lucifer to rain down darkness all over the Multiverse.

Arthur at first was a weak Immortal who did not know anything about his background as he lived in the midst of Mortal Humans on the Earth until he grew up to discover he is a threat to humanity, and he must battle against his dark twin brother, the evil Immortals of the Earth and the dreaded and evil Outworld Immortals to create the balancing of the Multiverse.


Tags: darkbrilliantevilmulti-characternon-human leadapocalypsemultiversesupernature earthsupernaturalwar
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Princess Mira did not return back to the abode for four days and there was panic in the Hybrid's home.

"What's going on? Where's Diane?" Scarlet questioned. "There is something wrong out there, what if she's stucked somewhere or she's being caught? What if here Vampire form emerges and she's being chased?!"

"Calm down ……


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