Making her mine

Amandla M Fantasy

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"Tongue?" He muttered,with that sweet British accent of his.
I gulped and tried to form a word,but since it was only a moan that was going to escape my mouth,I clamped it shut. He was licking my jaw,slowly,enticingly that my nipples tightened painfully and I pressed my thighs together to dull the throbbing that was down there.
"Lips? My acatarii?" He husked lowly in my ear,before pressing a hot wet kiss to my neck.
I swallowed and shook my head.
"Or you want teeth?" He asked suggestively,before biting down hard on my chin,making me to cry out and squirm.
"Just my mouth baby,and you're already so hot and wet for me. Do you still refuse to submit?"
"Y-yes Valerian" I stammered.
Instead of disappointment,Valerian chuckled and bent low into my ear.
"lasst die Spiele beginnen,my acatarii"
After the death of the love of his life,Valerian is angry,heartbroken and tired of living his life.
But when he gets a second chance at finding true happiness,it will take a whole lot more than just money,roses and a heated game of seduction to win the stubborn and beautiful Apryl over. Plus,there's more than just evil and danger lurking around.


Tags: BillionaireWerewolfCampusPossessiveSexKarma/DestinyKickass HeroineRoyaltyDramaBxG
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