Jubileecandy Suspense/Thriller

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Rihanna is a party animal, her parents kicked her out at age 17 and told her to never come back, they were ashamed of her. But it's not exactly her fault, if her mother paid attention to her she wouldn't even have to do half of what she's done. Men come in and out of their house when her father is working late at night, Rihanna always knew the exact time of when they come and when they leave. She was practically invisible, she thought if she could be out of control then she would get more attention.


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I strut down the sidewalk with my friends Rebecca and Vicky in my red thigh length lace dress and walked into the club filled with attractive men, who are going to buy me a drink?

We make our way to the bar, the bartender comes our way and smiles at us with his piercing eyes. I wink at him playfully. I need to get my min……