My Lonely Beast

Serena Paranormal

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Lost Luna of the Blood Moon pack Neomi, doesn’t know what her past holds. She doesn’t remember anything about her family, her pack or about the Love of her life. She is living as a normal girl, trying to go unnoticed in the school where everyday she is tormented by the bullies for being little overweight and studious girl. Little did she know that soon things are going to change in her life when she starts having dreams. Dreams about a Lonely Beast.

Colton the wolfless Alpha has a secret which has brought him to the new town away from his Pack to protect them for HIM. He knows that his 18th birthday will change everything in his life. But he never knew that he would meet a girl who might have the power to save him.


Tags: fatedopposites attractgoodgirlpowerfulstudentdramasweetbxg
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