My Lonely Beast

Serena Vampire/Werewolf

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The Story is On-Going

Neomi has always been a cheerful girl, talented but introvert, But lately she is not able to give her best because of her Nightmares, Nightmares about a beast.

Colton has been a Wolfless Alpha after his Luna disappeared. He is still stubborn to his nature of never giving up until the day he starts to notice changes in his body, the changes he have feared his whole life and the worst day is coming soon.


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She makes me Crazy

Colton POV

Do not scold her, Do not scold her ,I am trying to stay calm while holding Neomi over my shoulder as I move towards the car. There is no way in hell that I am sending her alone now wherever she wants to go. She is punching and kicking me in all ways possible but she doesn’t know that I have high endurance for a……