Crushing Emeralds

Krystal Novitzke Vampire/Werewolf

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Emerald Welles thought that high school and having her life secretly planned out for her was the worst she had to deal with. However, when an innocent class field trip ends in disaster, she realizes that hard times are just coming her way.

No matter how much she wants to see this as a freak accident of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she can't. Things get even stranger when she realizes that the animal that attacked her class leaving some fellow students dead followed her home. This is one pet she didn't ask for and it may not go away until she's dead herself.

New faces bring speculation and familiar faces may not make it to an out of reach happily ever after in this first installment of The Hidden Gem Trilogy.


Tags: MurderParanormalRevengeWerewolfAlphaHighschoolParanoidStudentBeastDrama
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Chapter Twenty Five

“Emerald, wake up we’re here.”  Blake tells as he gives me a little nudge.

I feel a slight shake and open my eyes slowly the bright sunlight streaming in the windows blinds me.  I’m gently pulled out of the car and led up to a house. Frantically, I rub at my eyes to see where I am.

I’m engulfed in a tight hug before I can see anythi……