Desert Heat (Complete) (Book 1 to Desert Series)


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Allison Park aka Allie had a rough life growing up. Her parents were immigrants from South Korea, and they died in a car accident when she was two. Her next of kin in Korea didn't want her, so she ended up in the foster system and was never adopted. At 18, she is raped by her high school boyfriend, and she sends him to prison. She runs away to Sin City, where she meets her best friend Sin. Together they create a new life, and all seems to be going well, but what happens when that life is turned upside down when Allie learns of werewolves and the supernatural, and that she's destined to be mated to a big bad Alpha of the strongest pack in the Silver State?

Read to find out.

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Chapter 93

          {Allie’s P.O.V.}

          Two weeks later


          “Fuck!” Dorian shouted as he came inside of me. After learning that my proj……