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Samantha Castle might be the owner of a multi million dollars empire, all might seem to be working well for her. But all is not well especially not when her past comes knocking on her door. Her past comes not only in the form of her hot sexy ex husband but also in the form of the person who ruined her parents life together and crushed her happy ending. Will Samantha survive these hurdles as they seem to be never ending?
Alexander Powers has regretted his decision, the decision that ruined his family. Now he is back for his love, but will it be too late for him? His young and innocent bride is now a powerful woman. Will the winds of deceit that tore them apart bring them back together? And most importantly can he win the heart of his Billionaire Bride once again?
This is the story of two broken hearts in search of a solution.....

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Chapter 47- Final Chapter

4 years on.....

"This shit doesn't get any easier, it hurts like hell" Samantha cried out.

"Sorry baby"

"Don't baby me Alex, can a baby do what I'm doing?" She vented out and he kept quiet.

Samantha and Alexander had gotten married six months after they became official. She and ……