Wife of Mr. CEO


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Belonging to a middle-class family, Sana has to work hard for paying the debt of her stepfamily. Her life wasn't too easy and after meeting Jackson, the youngest and arrogant billionaire, it becomes harder for Sana to survive. Working as his secretary didn't give anything better but only money. They both hated each other until Jackson learned about the secret of the baby his secretary has. Later, things go worst as Sana learns that her real parents were murdered by someone whom she knows very well.


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Sana looked reluctantly at Lucy. She has only let Lucy know that she has borrowed some money for paying her parent's debts and promised the owner to give it back in a few years.

"How will this girl react if I tell her that the money is given by Richard to me?", Sana pursed her lips. She has no strength left to listen to a long lect……