Love Born From Revenge


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"She WAS the key to my revenge, but now, she IS the key to my heart."

"Of all the pretty girls out there, why am I the one he notices?"

"I've never had trouble flirting before. Does this mean...I finally fall in love?"

"What I what I get."


Preeda Chan, an introverted and laconic girl, has never thought her first love involves revenge and a game. For 16 years, she has done an excellent job to keep away from romance, even though she is an avid reader of romance novels.

However, the arrival of a bad boy, Albert Stanley, turns her life upside down, for it gets more complicated than the main character in any romance story she has ever read.

A mysterious half-brother and an adoptive son of a billionaire, Seth, come for revenge, planning to steal everything and everyone that belongs to Albert.

With the help of Mia Tanakorn, the sole heiress of a conglomerate and the one that harbors feelings towards Albert, Mia and Seth collude to make sure Albert and Preeda's love will never prosper.


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Chapter 11.


The bell of break time rings. As usual, everyone moves around, but Pree remains seated, draping over the desk as if taking a rest.

Is she okay? Parts of me want to go to ask her, but another refrains me from doing so. I don't want to disturb her rest. Besides, Suda is with her, so if something is……