The Mafia Boss's Best Friend. (A Cursed Friendship) *Book 1*

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He huffed, lifting both the wrists of my hands using one of his and kept them above my head holding it there within his strong grasp, making me defenceless. "Look sweetheart." He said in my ear, his voice dead. "The reason I killed him is because he came in between us." He lifted my chin with the nook of the gun in his hand making me stare into his dark black orbs, the danger lurking within them, unmasked.

"Listen to me, sweet, I killed him and I'll kill anybody who comes in between us. You are mine!" He growled out and kissed me hard on my lips as if sealing it with a promise...

Samantha Gray and Jonathan Anderson have been best friends since kids. Samantha blindly trust Jonathan and why not, Jonathan was the most sweetest and loving guy you will ever meet and not to forget, he's the most handsome guy on Earth, at least that's what the girls fawning over him say. They were very happy.

But one day Jonathan had to leave for unknown reasons. But he left Samantha with a promise. A promise that he'd come back for her after four years.

Now four years passed, he returns and this time he returns with all his secrets.

And if belonging to a Mafia family is not enough in itself, then he is also obsessively in love with her, always has been but when truth comes out, a peace offering is matter of doubt especially when he murders the man she was in love with and claims her his before the very dead body of her boyfriend.

Do you think they'll have a happy ending after all? Well, guess what? It is just the beginning of a Cursed Friendship and it just keeps getting interesting...


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Jonathan Anderson.

Flipping her over I kissed the nape of her neck, allowing soft trails of moans to erupt from her mouth.

"I can't have enough of you!" I groaned with sheer pleasure coursing it's way through my body. Her hands clutched my hair as my lips made their way towards the soft skin o……