Seduced by Shark Shifters


Rafe Jadison LGBT+

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At twenty-five, tall, strong Sam White was used to being independent. It was this fierce independence and drive that got him into law school and helped him survive his mother's recent death. It was this same strength and determination that drew fellow law school students and twins, Derek and Wyn, to Sam.

What starts as a study buddy friendship soon changes. Although Sam never really questions the feeling he has for his friends, on a drunken night when the twins tell Sam they are both in love with him, Sam has to rethink everything he's thought about himself, and them. After an explosive night trying to work out whatever they were feeling, Sam finds that being gay and being in love with him aren't the only things his two best friends have been hiding from him.

In a bloody water battle, Sam soon learns these law students really do become sharks, and they'll risk their lives to protect him.


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Chapter 5-4

The smell of this shark’s blood and the wounds on my body must have reached the other sharks because all of a sudden they started to turn, first one, and then the others. Their attention was moving away from Wyn and toward me and the bloody shark held between my knees. I moved forward a little bit into slightly deeper water. I bent and let the w……