Heroes and Villains

Mika Hiwatari Fantasy

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It’s been 50 years since the meteor hit the city of Chicago. Those who survived were turned to animalistic creatures: the mutants.
Now, after Hamato Industries have taken over the city and build their facilities around the meteor to study its properties, the people are divided.
Those who are important and have enough money live uptown, in the part of the city filled with light and technology.
The rest of us live downtown and the mutants have become shunned by society and f****d to live underground.
Mia is the local stripper of a bar downtown and the only mutant who can shift her appearance to look like a human.
Wanting to help her fellow mutants, she acts like a Robin Hood type of superhero, stealing from uptown to give to the residents downtown.
She has a major crush on her long-time friend Jack, but, unfortunately, he loves her mutant counterpart, unaware that they are the same person.
A story filled with romance, drama, and action that will make you wonder who is the hero and who is the villain.


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