Dragon King's Forbidden Love


Marion Artwood Fantasy

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Demir is a powerful and mighty Dark Dragon King. He rules over his Empire for hundreds of years. However, even before he was born the Seer predicted that his fall will come from a girl with golden hair. He gave an oath to his parents that he would never get involved with a girl matching this description. So, when he captures a woman with red hair, who saved his life and whom he recognizes as his soulmate, he is not bothered with anything…
Lara is a trained battle air mage, who accidentally fails her task and saves an injured dragon, not even knowing it. She is shocked when after everything the dragon arrives at her house and takes her away with him…
And he is surprised when he finds out that the red colour of her hair was just an illusion…
The two of them have nothing in common, except for one thing…


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Chapter 22



  A girl with long ginger hair burst into the dark room, her golden eyes illuminating the space around us. If anything, she looked furious. She looked over me and her face frowned even more when she got a dagger out of its sheath. I flinched. Was she crazy?!

  “I am sorr……