The Pregnancy Contract

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I so wanted to have a child. I'm willing to do everything just to find a guy who will volunteer himself to get me pregnant. And I found one. I'll get what I want and he'll satisfy himself giving me a good fuck. "NO STRING ATTACHED" policy is allowed. That's all, nothing more, nothing less.

The guy I made a contract with is an excellent fucker. His name is Fireus Kycer Arrietta.

Cejay Saoirse Canedy


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Chapter C.1

Chapter C.1

I gently clutched Fireus' hair with my hand while he was busy nuzzling on my neck by using his nose and his hand was busy roaming around in my flat tummy. We were lying in his daybed in the balcony.

"So, you made this mansion with your twin brothers just because this is only for tripping?" I laughed at their silliness. ……