The Pregnancy Contract

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I so wanted to have a child. I'm willing to do everything just to find a guy who will volunteer himself to get me pregnant. And I found one. I'll get what I want and he'll satisfy himself giving me a good fuck. "NO STRING ATTACHED" policy is allowed. That's all, nothing more, nothing less.

The guy I made a contract with is an excellent fucker. His name is Fireus Kycer Arrietta.

Cejay Saoirse Canedy

**Credits to all the owners upon using their photos as my book cover.


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Chapter D.2

Chapter D.2

My eyes instantly moved around the corner of this room if there are any CCTV cameras here. I didn't see anything but just a plain blueish-greenish painted walls. I bet this is also sound proof.

"There is a buzzer there, sir if you need anything," said the waiter and left us two alone in the room.

Fireus locked it……