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Iqtpony Suspense/Thriller

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Warning Adult content and themes included but not limited to; murder, rape, abuse, revenge, and limited explicit language.
Call it luck or call it fate that found Lauren and David late that summer evening, along the deserted road. No matter, that small wrinkle in time would forever change their lives. Their histories would create a recipe for revenge, murder and love. Only time will tell if their story will end happily ever after or if the mistakes of the past will lead to their tragic ending.

Join Lauren, as she starts her life with such high hopes, only to realize that she resides in a man's world. Try as she might, she could never escape the path that laid before her. Until the night she stumbled in front of David's car. David never had an issue around women, because he spent most of his adult life hunting them. Discovering Lauren shortly after disposing of a kill, was never part of the plan, but from the moment he met her, all his plans changed. Lauren and David developed an interesting and unusual relationship that allows them both to find the killer release they need to undo the wrongs done against them.


Tags: revengedarkrapekidnapself-improveddramatwistedbxgabuseweak to strongRomantic-Suspense Writing Contest
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Happily Ever After Ending

“Mary?” The name sounded familiar but I could not recall why I knew it. Maybe it was just the description of the girl that was not fitting with what I heard. The pieces were not fitting.

“Can I come in and speak to you?” Mary asked, but she took a step forward as if I h……