Dragon's Heart

Manda B Paranormal

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Hannah Williams is a graduate student who doesn’t believe in the paranormal or magic. Her roommate drags her to a psychic at the Dragon’s Den who tells Hannah she is a powerful sorceress who must find her true love and proclaim her love to receive her powers by her next birthday. Otherwise she will die. Hannah laughs off the psychic’s premonition and continues to date Ben.

But when a Sorceress, imprisoned in a Castle, takes her would-be boyfriend, Ben, captive, Hannah is the only one who can save him. With the help of Jack, the owner of the Dragon’s Den, she explores the strange new world and her new powers. Powers that she develops and uses to find the items needed by the Sorceress to complete the ceremony to give Hannah her full powers.

Now Hannah must claim her birthright and her true love then destroy the Sorceress. If not the Sorceress will claim Hannah’s powers and break free from the Castle and destroy the world.


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