Forced To Have The Alpha's Baby

LaurG Romance

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We're cold, dangerous, heartless beasts.
There is just one thing that separates us from others of our kind.
We don't believe in mates, they exist only to make us weak and pathetic. We create our own destiny, we choose our own brides. . . Not have them chosen for us.
They call us, The Inhumane Blackners. . .
* * *
Alpha Lord Arthur Blackner belongs to an elaborate clan of werewolves that refuse to succumb to the natural process of having a mate, they saw it as a curse rather than a blessing. They chose who they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with and in Arthur's case, he already knew the woman he wanted and planned on starting a family with her. However, when she's unable to bear a child for him, he is forced by his father to take matters into his own hands and decides to kidnap a young hybrid woman to have his child. However, problems arises when the woman he kidnaps happens to be none other than his very own mate!


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