His Possession, Her Obsession

Toni Michelle Romance

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Jonas is the CEO of one of the largest Technology start up companies in San Francisco Bay Area. His primary focus was on the science of agriculture, developing ways of helping hunger and homeless. When his assistant took ill, who has been like a mother to him, he called on an agency to find him some one who understood the business, his companies mission statement and why his companies developments were so important to him. When Erica Morison walked into his office, not only was he impressed with her resume, he was attracted to the woman.
Erica Morrison, graduate of Stanford University, has been seeking employment since her move to San Francisco. All she ever dreamed about was working for a company that wanted to make a difference in world. When the agency contacted her about the opening position at one of the largest agricultural and technology companies in the country, she was ecstatic. Erica was not prepared for her interview, she did not know she would be interviewed by the CEO himself, Jonas Waynright. Not only was she intimidated by him, she was angry by the way her body was reacting to the very handsome mogul. Not only did she get the job, But will she get the man.


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