In Love With My Ex-Stepfather(Completed)

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At the age of fourteen, abandoned by her biological mother, Leah had to cling to Hugh.
Hugh adopted Leah, but did not think that one day, he would have some ideas that were not suitable for a little teenage girl.
He would look at her, she gradually filled his thoughts, but the little girl gradually grew up and left home. He was in a panic and tried to keep her by his side. But, other people in his life often got in the way of his relationship with her. What kind of stories will be told in a game like this?


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Chapter 64 End

  When Leah came in, the room was in silence.

 Out of her surprise, Hugh was also there and reached out his hands to her. She went over to stand beside him. After Hugh’s father sat down, she dared to sit down.

His father said “ Do you remember what I said just now? They may not talk about it in a nice way, but there are th……