Doctor Asylum on fire

Bosy Elselhdar Romance

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It was supposed to be an uncomplicated mission, a leap for his career as a psychiatrist, By working for this Asylum.

But he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Everything was happening; there was totally wrong. Sex with the patients by force, unusual things, and sadistic sexual stuff.

And No, he wasn’t a good doctor to face them, and not because he was terrified.

---But because he loved that… Very much.

And soon than expected, he started to get involved in even much worse with his female patients.

Until that girl arrived as a patient, he decided to --- Not to let anyone touch her, he was ready to die to save her, and he would kill for her To make her his.

But was she really a patient and innocent or that was a trap for him?


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Chapter 9*** The deal!

Chapter 9*** The deal!

Lily brown pov***

I was so mad already, and I couldn’t just ignore what had happened for me, being robbed by that fucking stranger! I guess I was lucky because he wasn’t a killer or something worse.
So, it was a final decision, and I had to deal with my fucking shit and start over.

That s……