MOML -Maria Jewel Aguinaldo- (The Bodyguard)

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Maria Jewel Aguinaldo
written by: Blackrose


Simpleng buhay lang ang gusto at pangarap ni Jewel nang nag-dalaga siya. A happy, healthy and complete family, have a degree in College, meet a man who will love her and show her the beauty of love, live peacefully for the rest of her life and land a job that she really like. But not all that we wishes do come true and not all that we dream of will be given unto us. The happy, complete and healthy family that she wanted was robbed to her. The degree and the peaceful life that she dreamed of didn't come to past. The man of who will love her and will show her the beauty of love was taken to her. And the job that she like was not handed to her. Everything that she wanted, wished for and ever dreamed of turned upside down.

She now turns into a fierce, fearless, tough, ruthless and a fighter. Walking to dangerous paths unintimitated, carrying guns and knives wherever she goes, speaks with authority and with valor, thinks highly and clever more than a trained spy and moves swiftly and undetected like a professional thief in the night. The Cream of the Crop, The Best of the Best and The Rank 1 of BRICA or Black Rose International Contract Agency who have an alias of "J" or "Lady Phantom" by all.

From the sweet, innocent, bubbly and full of grace ballerina to a hired protector, agent, spy and feared by all hitman. No one would dare mess with her or they will mess up with Satan itself and be in hell.

Ito ang mapanganib, magulo at delikadong mundo ni Maria Jewel Aguinaldo... The Bodyguard.



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