Wings of Destiny

Fatima Zaidi Romance

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He has been my protector,
He has been shore to my sea,
Now it's my turn,
For him I shall challenge Destiny.

Alexander Comhan is the resident bad-boy of Ristwedge High. He is hot, he is sexy, he is arrogant and he is not to be messed with. On the top of the high school hierarchy, he is the handsome devil 'bully'.

Freya Morenson is the sweet girl, who is still suffering from loss and depression after her father's death. She is helping, kind and seldom says no to someone. As shrink's advice bring her to Ristwedge High , little did she knew that once her guardian will now be her bully.

As Alexander makes it his mission to break down the sweet girl who is to eager to help despite her sad eyes...but once he realises it was not so easy to bully the girl with annoyingly helping nature, he does next best thing, fall in love!

Neither of them remember they exist, neither of them know they love each other, neither of them know they are each other God's made Destiny.
Someone up there weaves the magic and story as two familiar strangers meet in Almighty scripted condition. Will love find its way through this one or are these two fated to suffer a love tragedy?


Tags: ParanormalDarkForbiddenReincarnationOpposites AttractHighschoolBullyBadboyKingDrama
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If it hadn't been for her,

I wouldn't have know love,

Beauty, happiness or heaven,

Even better than above.


His love holds my being,

 of my body, soul, heart and mind 

Woven together with magical threads,

For today and till the&nb……