Mistakenly Taken


Amy Shahid Romance

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Alejandro stepped closer, moving his hand around Rachel's waist, reaching for her wrists, grabbing and pulling them over her head.

“Don’t lie to me Dr. Rachel.”

Enclosing the gap between them, he indulged his body right into hers.

Alejandro liked the way her body felt, timid yet bold, subtle yet responsive.

His mind was running lose as his eyes fell upon her lips. Smooth and plum, like heaven calling him to taste the forbidden fruit.

Rachel loved this new sensation, sparkles erupting within her entire body, her soul set up on an intimidating fire, yearning for her to be cooled by Alejandro's touch.

“Don’t lie to me…” he said in a notoriously husky voice.

He stayed still, feeling the pleasure inside him devoured by Rachel’s closeness. He had been with so many women and no one flattered his heart like Rachel.


Rachel is a successful nutritionist who hates violence so much that she wouldn't even date a wrestler because of his violent actions and a severe case of mistaken identity lands her on the private Island of Alejandro Santiago who is a ruthless, suave billionaire and above all, The Lord of world's biggest money laundering Mafia.

When he finally sees Rachel as an opportunity to cure his father's long term illness, he turns a case of mistaken identity crisis into an opportunity.

To keep Rachel around he minutely fabricates the truth and tells her that he is indeed a clean slate businessman.

But keeping Rachel around is going to cost him more than just one lie...

Ice will collide with fire and sparks of romance will ignite from core of such explosions.

A perfect blend of crime, passion, war and comedy. The story of a Mistaken identity that leads into an adventure of life time.


Tags: kidnapHEdominantkickass heroineCEOmafiadramacomedybxg
Latest Updated
New Book!


I am so happy to announce that Mistaken Taken and Mistakenly Forgotten are having a spin off called Mistakenly Fallen.

It is going to be Camila and Xavier's story.

I know many of you are waiting for Nicholas's story but you will have to wait just a little more.



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