Mistakenly Taken

Amna Riaz Romance

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Alejandro stepped his body closer, crashing it right into Rachel’s. He moved his hand, brushing over her waist on both sides and reached for her wrists, grabbing and pulling them over her head.

Rachel’s heart jumped loudly, beating right out of her chest. Alejandro’s touch sent her into a state ecstasy.

“Don’t lie to me Dr. Rachel.”

He stepped closer, indulging his body right into hers. Her breath hitched inside her throat, her eyes shut as she felt Alejandro’s body heat.

Alejandro liked the way her body felt, timid yet bold, subtle yet responsive.

His mind was running lose as his eyes fell upon her lips. Smooth and plum, like heaven calling him to taste the forbidden fruit.

Rachel loved the sensation that he was sending throughout her whole body. It felt like her soul was set on fire, and she had never felt such passion before.

“Don’t lie to me…” he said in a notoriously husky voice.

She gulped loudly, her body enjoying his closeness.

He stayed still, feeling the pleasure inside him devoured by Rachel’s closeness. He had been with so many women and none had made his heart flatter the way Rachel did.


Rachel hates violence and mafia; she is abducted in confusion and lands at a private island of Alejandro Santiago ---- world's biggest money laundering mafia leader, where she now has to stay for the next three months as part of an agreement.

She is outspoken and bold -- He is dominant and hates anyone who speaks back to him.

Ice Meets Fire --- A perfect blend of crime, passion, war and comedy. The story of a Mistaken abduction that leads into an adventure of life time.


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