The Fantasy Maker


Emily Kendricks Steamy Stories

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An erotic thriller that is part Fifty Shades of Grey and part Sweet Little Lies, with a character driven exploration of pleasure, sensuality, infinite eroticism and political repercussions.

Thirty-four year old Emma Hamilton’s life is comfortable and predictable, right up to the moment she reluctantly enters “The Ranch”, an exclusive club where the wives of the ultra-rich and powerful surrender all inhibitions to meet every tantalizing desire. Far outside her element, Emma is initially swept away by the secret society that promises community, infinite eroticism and the fulfillment of every sexual desire limited only by the imagination. However, she soon discovers that her afternoon of pleasure comes at a shockingly high price. The more she learns about the “members only” club, the more she realizes the dangers lurking just behind the façade of sexual indulgence. With her family, life and the career of one of the most promising politicians in the country on the line, Emma goes up against a cadre of powerful players hell bent on silencing her before she destroys them all.

The Fantasy Maker is created by Emily Kendricks, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


Tags: dark
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Chapter 56


Emma managed to stay ahead of the truck for a few miles, speeding dangerously on the little back roads that led to Pilot Point. Just as she came around the bend that would take her into the tiny hamlet of downtown, the truck gained on her and swerved around her. Emma slammed on the breaks and tried to move around him as she had befo……


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