All of our demons


Sinful writing by sophie.F Fantasy

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“Everyone has there own demons"
Greyson has given into his demons to many times. He has been dragged into the darkest parts of is mind, the point of no return. He’s given into the beast inside surrendering himself to him.
His wolf craves the blood, the tormented screams of his victims, the control he has. Greyson hates it the Begs and pleas of his victims keep him up at night. forever haunting his mind.
When he finds Mia she brings light into his darkness an innocents he once held himself.

"It wont be this world that kills her Greyson, it will be loving you."
Mia is human and letting her into his world will only destroy her but he cant fight the mate bond. He was to selfish to even try. Mia is broken herself with her own secrets just like Greyson. When Mia's life is put at risk will he be able to save her or will he be the one she needs saving from.
It’s said to be impossible for a werewolf to have a human mate, or any supernatural creature for that matter. Yet these two broken soles are matted one human and one a creature slaved to the beast inside of him. Can two broken soles mend together or will they only shatter each other further to the point where nothing can save them?


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