My Mafia Heart

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“Dammit, Giovanni!” I hiss to myself. He’s so infuriating… He’s gone and left me again. All I have is this stupid text from him.

“Ciao amore, mi dispiace, devo andare fuori citta. Tornero presto.”

I quickly text him back “English please!”

“Sorry baby, I have to go out of town… there are some pressing matters that need to be handled. I’ll miss you.”

“Fine go! See if I care” I wrote back, but the truth is I did care. I cared a lot.


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Chapter 18

**Camille POV**

Julian has been taking care of me since I’ve left the hospital and hasn’t expected anything from me. He’s a very odd man but I think I may be falling in love with him.
He came over one day to make sure I was taking care of my bandages and that’s when it happened.
“Julian, do you love me?” I asked while he helped ……