Alpha's contract mate (Romano Series #2)


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''Amore" Zach breathed, brushing his lips under her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

The Alpha kept mumbling comforting words to her, trying to get her to relax as much as possible. After a minute he started circling his ring finger on her sensitive skin. She clenched agat his middle finger to which the Alpha added the second finger.

A whine escaped her throat as Zach started scissoring his fingers, brushing them agat her walls. The squelching sounds filled the room and she closes her eyes shut. The omega and hot agat his fingers, causing his c**k to itch at the thought of being ide her.

"Alpha... Please" She murmured.

Every omega dreams of having a mate who would love her and cherish her forever, Emily Romano was one of them.

After finding her mate, the one and only Zach Moretti, her father's best friend's son, she is mated to him but all her dreams shatter when she finds out the only reason he married is for CEO position and their marriage is nothing but a contract she naively signed.

What will she do? Will she warm her way into his cold heart or will she be his contract mate forever?


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