Arranged Marriage with my Ex-boyfriend

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Bachelors Series #1: Kurt Ivo dela Fuente

Fate loves to intervene, putting in a situation you didn't expect to be happened. It is not cute anymore. I left because of his betrayal from our relationship. But coming back is my regret decision I've ever made. Why would I let him ruin me again? Of all people they want me to marry, is that... this jerk is the chosen guy?! They are all mistaken! He is a fucking jerk! I swear.

**Credits to all the owners upon using their photos as my book cover.


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Chapter 18: Impossibility

Chapter 18: Impossibility


I slowly fluttered my eyes and yawned. I gently pinched the bridge of my nose, feeling sleepy a little. I opened my eyes and was met by the ceiling of my room.

Wait... That's odd... How on earth...

I looked at my bedside table where my digital clock was located. Today is Monday and it w……