Reborn as Wolf!

Nekohara Mimi Vampire/Werewolf

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Penelope's life was simple and happy as any 10-year-old child... But everything changed in just one night. Her parents lost their lives and Penelope? She resuscitated. She was no longer a human child, she had become a werewolf, omega and the adoptive daughter of the Alpha of her pack, his little princess in a mateless life. Now, already graduating from High School, she will have to convince the future Alpha and her childhood rival that he is her Mate.


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What happened?

Chapter 38 - Present - Alexander 

The rush was everywhere, some people were worried about Alpha, others like Penelope tried to find Sophie so she could somehow find out what was wrong with Joseph, relieving his pain.


Shouted the doctor who was also the pack's Gam……