Reborn as Wolf!

Nekohara Mimi Vampire/Werewolf

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Penelope's life was simple and happy as any 10-year-old child... But everything changed in just one night. Her parents lost their lives and Penelope? She resuscitated. She was no longer a human child, she had become a werewolf, omega and the adoptive daughter of the Alpha of her pack, his little princess in a mateless life. Now, already graduating from High School, she will have to convince the future Alpha and her childhood rival that he is her Mate.

Book 1 of Mingan's Curse Series!


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Sadly Broken

Chapter 44 - Penelope  

"Change back, NOW!" Alexander was completely in his Alpha mood, making Chelsea without a fighting return to her human form, knees on the floor, and head down as she hugged herself hiding her naked figure.

I threw Harley's shirt over her because I wouldn't allo……