Wanting My Doctor

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Selena Harris has only one secret. Whenever it rains, her face would transform. Sometimes it turns into a beautiful face while others into an ugly face. Because of this, together with her friend, they have been leading an unstable life. She thought her life would always be like this until she met the famous eye doctor, Daniel Davies.
He is young, successful, and good-looking. Such a God favored individual would never have a connection with her. However, destiny brought them together and they met and fell in love. Can they live together happily ever after?

Selena Harris met Daniel Davies three times with different faces although he never caught a glimpse of her face, he fell in love with her again and again.
At the first time, he waited for her alone on the cold street for three hours, but she didn’t show up.
The second time, she ran away from him, ignoring his constant calling for her.
And the third time, she finally had this beautiful face and decided to live next door to him to bravely respond to his love.

Would they be open to each other?

“I hope that one day, the one I love can see through my secret. Among millions of faces, he will only love my soul.”

The Doctor will show up in Ch.3


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To train Selena and Daniel to dance, Steven Stark went out of his way to hire a dance teacher for them.


The dance teacher was Kelly Miller, a graduate student of the Dance Academy of L City. Although she was young, she was very strict.


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