The Clan of The Dragons: Book 2


Shantae Red Fantasy

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Book 2 of Married To The Jarl of Dragons.

Sigurd was quiet. Everything that happened today bothered him. Leora noticed t and a sadness came over her. Dusty glanced over at his sister and smiled.

"Brighten him up." Dusty told her. "Fight him."

That caught Sigurd's attention. He turned his gaze up to Dusty.

"I don't fight women." Sigurd told her.
"Not for a quick battle?" Leora asked him.
"I don't battle with women."
"Why?" Dusty asked him. "Because she's a woman?"

Leora stared at Sigurd, wondering the same thing. Brynjar looked from both Leora and Sigurd with curiousity.

"That's not how I feel." Sigurd said.
"For some reason I feel that's what you're thinking." Leora said, tilting her head to the side.

Sigurd kept quiet after she said that, which let her confirm her statement. Dusty got up and Brynjar followed him. Leora put her hair up and got up as well.

"You're underestimating me, Sigurd." She told him.
"Is that so?" He asked her. "Don't start something you cannot finish."

Leora smiled at him and the leaves around her began to rustle from a cool breeze. Sigurd sighed before he reached behind him and placed his hand around the handle of his heavy weapon.

"Uh oh, Sigurd." Brynjar said, leaning agat the tree. "You finally met your match."

Sigurd got up from the log, his eyes still on Leora. She decided to make the first move. Bringing out her inner demon, Leora sent off the first invisible spirit over to him. She thought that Sigurd would have a hard time locating them, but he proved her wrong. He slammed his hammer down on the ground, killing the spirit on impact.

"Is that all you got?" Sigurd asked her, his glowing eyes slowly moving up to meet hers.


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Sigurd shook his head before he turned back to Leora, who held Elijah close to him.

“Are you okay?” Sigurd asked her.

She nodded before she walked off with the child in her hand. Dusty and Brynjar watched Leora walk off before they turned back to Sigurd, who was clueless as ever.