Falling in love after Marriage

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This story is about two middle-class Tamil people. Prabhu and Janaki.

Prabhu - A 24 years old good Tamil man, who respects his parents. He is kind & loving. He is working in a big company as a Software engineer in Chennai. His native is Kancheepuram.

Janaki - A 21 years old carefree Tamil woman, but she tries to be responsible since her parents want her to be a perfect daughter. She is studying CA intermediate in Chennai. Her native is also Kancheepuram.

Yes, Prabhu is Janaki's cousin.
Prabhu's mother and Janaki's father are blood-related. And Prabhu's father is blood-related to Janaki's mother. They maintained to be affectionate all these years with great love and care for each other.

Prabhu's parents arrange him to marry their family friend's daughter Nandhini who is from well-settled family and working as a Fashion designer in Chennai.

Everybody is happy about their marriage. But destiny has some different plans. Everyone got to know about Nandhini's hidden-side on the marriage day.

What is destined to happen in their life?

How will Prabhu's parent react? Will they forgive Nandhini's mistake?

Or will fate tie knot between Janaki and Prabhu?

Content warning:
Mature and explicit sexual contents (16+)
This story purely my own imagination. The story doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.


This is my first story. I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes or my English.

Please do support me by sharing my book. And do comment on your opinion!

Thank you all in advance.


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