Marriages and Prejudices.

Mrs.Mandan! Romance

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A story of a female who has been born and brought up in orthodox family is now finding her way in life with removing all prejudices of marriage and notions she has about her community's male reality by meeting our Hero and with the help of whom she learns to help herself which is important than anything. In between she does gets betrayed and lost but all she learns is to stand up against all odds.


Tags: PossessiveFamilyLove after MarriageArranged MarriageGentleDramaBxG
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Amrita look at the tiny figure in her arms she wiped her tears,which were coming from the glassy eyes.Sitting on the hospital bed which was light blue and white.She caressed the cheek slowly ,till then the room door opened.

"You don't know how I am feeling,I feel the luckiest man on earth."Suraj went near her and cupped her face.He looked ……