I'm a Married Man

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Going back and fourth. Past to present. All things I could of done and could of said.....but I didn't. And I can't go back.....even though I can live back through it like it was just yesterday.

I watched as they danced. Black and gray. But there's still light. And the light is shined on them. Their smiling bright. A picture with them, only them. Not me....I'm just like the boy who takes the happy pictures and leave miserable.

"Lenny?" Van says bringing me back to reality.

"Yeah?" I asked gulping.

"Take the picture."he said laughing.

"Right." I said giving him a shaky, weak, fake smile.


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Chapter 15: On a Rainy Night

Lenny's POV
Don't go....

"Van!" I yelled as the rain poured harder.

My fault...all my fault.

I watched soaps sniffling as the rain poured. Lucky me that I recorded these. I heard my phone ringing. It's not Van so why answer. It's probably Eric. My phone rung more so I turned up the volume high. Then I heard the door bell.……