The Rogue's Desire (The Rogue MC series)


E. J. Evans LGBT+

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[Mature 18+]

Being a Rogue is deadly, even more so if you're a Beta Rogue with a temper.

All Ian desires is a place to park his beloved motorcycle and an easy life.

After a challenging day, a she wolf stumbles into Ian's life turning his world upside down. She has a message; Ian must find his mate and fast. They're both in danger the longer they're apart.

Fate is fickle, bringing the mates so close only to twist their paths in different directions. The question is, what happens to the self confessed ladies man when he eventually finds his fated mate, a rare gift in his world, one he needs to protect who happens to be male.

Ian needs to act fast but one wrong move could be fatal not only for him but also his MC.

Will he be too late? Will his decision cost him everything?

*mxm & bxg*


Tags: alphapossessivefateddominantdramabxbbisexualbikerwerewolvessuperpower
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Three Years later....

A rollercoaster. A damn rollercoaster that's what the last couple of years had felt like and I just wanted five minutes to breath. Five whole minutes where I could take stock.

An hour in the mad house and I knew we had to leave again. I just wanted to curl up in bed, even with the pups.