Contract Marriage with Devil Billionaire

Elk Entertainment Romance

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Because of an accident, she was forced to marry him.

Everyone knows he wants to take revenge on her, but no one knows she has already fallen in love with him much earlier.

She tried her best to be with him, despite the torture and humiliation he brings to her.

However, she didn't expect that after her sister returns, he would be so cruel to her. She has no choice but to hand him the divorce papers: Let's get a divorce!

Seeing her left, he felt an unexpected hurt in his heart...

When all the truth has been revealed, will he be able to have another chance to regain her love?


"You vicious creature, it's you who murdered Anna!"

"I said it wasn't me! I did nothing to my sister, but you never believe me!"

"You don't want to admit what you've done? Fine, we will get married soon. Believe me, I will torment you every day until you pay for your crime!"



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