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"His hands clawing on his neck as he gasps for air, then one hand directed at me begging me to do something, anything, but I stand there with a smirk playing on my lips. In that moment, he comes to a realization that the naive whore is responsible for what's happening, he tries to attack but the poison is stronger. He collapses, his eyes still on me and mine on his, making sure I am the last thing he sees. I watch his hands slip away from his neck and life slip away from eyes. He draws his last breath." Lola reveals her beautiful memory of last night to the terrified man sitting across to her.

She craves the fear and this man is so quick to give it. His eyes dancing around looking for his body guards, too bad they didn't put up a fight. Lola places her left hand on the gun which she had laid on the table minutes before he started cowering in fear.

"Enough about me, how will you want to die?"


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"Oh my God, you look so beautiful in this." Lola gasps dramatically as Natalie walks out the dressing room, in a sultry red dress. The dress has a long slit reaching up into thigh, showing off her long legs. 

Natalie walks over to the mirror, she already feels she will hate the gow……