A bad omen


Fanny Suspense/Thriller

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The shadow appeared again, it was me infront of me, it was growing with me. Suddenly everything that happened in past ran infront of my eyes. That was the same shadow that came to me when I was eight it was of my height then too. That was the day when my parents were shot and everyone thought it was my mistake as fingerprints on the gun were mine. That was the same shadow that appeared to me when I was 10 when my brother died for which I was arrested. That shadow has snatched everyone I ever loved and again it was infront of me. Ivanish! my heart rate began to speed up. He was my first love and the only one in the world who loved me as nothing happened to me. I wasn't ready to lose him. That shadow, that evil shadow smiled and I knew I have to go to Ivanish right away. I ran from the airport like a lunatic, crying and screaming on the way. Ivanish! Ivanish! I screamed he was the one who thought I was an angel when everyone around me called me a witch. He gave me the reason for life. Ivanish! the tears were all over my eyes. Last three month I made him wait to hear my answer, and that time I was there to tell him I loved him too. I was running and the shadow was running with me too. I saw a crowd of people on the bridge, my legs went numb and my heartbeat nearly stopped. I was uttering again and again "No, No", but my fear came true. Ivanish was lying on the street on the pool of blood. There was a bouquet of flower in his hand and a note wet of blood which said, "for my angel".


Tags: murderdarkindependentwitch/wizardtragedytwistedbxgmysteryscarylonelyRomantic-Suspense Writing Contest
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Chapter- Finale

The Sage took us outside, leaving Cean on her flower bed with Cease looking after her

"Why do you think? even after such a blood loss she is fighting with death", Sage said, "Because Cease is with her, she is motivating her to breathe, she is not letting her soul come out from that body"

 "What if Cean gets consciousness? Again ……


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