Gia Hunter Romance

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Arrow Slate, a self-defense instructor is shocked to the core when his dead sister's doppelgänger, Brooklyn Paisley appears at his doorstep looking for a place to crash. The odd thing is, he's been attracted to her, had been fantasizing of her since they were teens. He feels mortified. When he thought he was over her a long time ago, he's wrong. Now, the blind woman is in front of him, his world suspends and he even forgets how to breathe.


Tags: SexOpposites AttractSecond ChanceGoodgirlTeacherWarriorDramaTragedySweetBxG
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You Feel So Fucking Good

HER EVERY touch felt good either we pressed each other against the wall or rushed inside the apartment, it didn’t matter.

All I could feel was her burning fingers against my skin, her mouth as it synced with mine, our tongues were rolling, our moans and groans were merging as I pushed her against my apartment door wit……