The Princess And Her Werewolf Bodyguard

LaurG Paranormal

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Ermanno Cross worked for the Black Council for as long as he could remember , he belonged to them … they owned him , the tattoo on his shoulder was a constant reminder of that fact . When the leader of the council's youngest daughter is receiving death threats at the Angelites Academy for Supernaturals , Ermanno is sent by the council to protect her . And protect her was the only thing he was permitted to do for even talking to the Princess was f*******n . However as Ermanno watches from afar and slowly gets to know the princess better he realizes that it might be harder than he thought to comply by the rules , especially when the princess beg showing interest in her mysterious handsome bodyguard . As things get heated beeen the o their lives are put at risk , for their relationship is strictly f*******n .


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