By Your Side

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Being a member of the school's most popular group is not so easy.

Amber Scott is a seventeen-year old girl. She is innocent, always thinks about the betterment of people, and has never ever dated a boy. She believes in life after death, to accomplish Paradise; bad deeds have to be diminished forever.

On the other hand, Nathan James doesn't care about anything.

But her.

He's self obsessed, confident, never been rejected in anything. He's the football teams captain who comes with the complete package of good looks

Unusual events that take place with Amber strengthen their relationship.

But, are they together only to be drawn apart in the end?


Tags: SpiritualPossessiveFriends to LoversHighschoolGoodgirlGentleMillionaireDramaTragedyDreameSeed2019
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Nathan's POV

It's been 5 months since my accident. 5 months since I have lost the greatest part of me. I've forgotten Amber. I have forgotten us.

Even though I am getting flashbacks of my memories with a girl, I cannot recognise her face. How I know it's her is because I have evidence. A million pictures of us, of her are stor……