Blood of the Highland Moon


Morinda Leffew Romance

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Eallair MacCravin is the werewolf king, his father the full blooded werewolf king before him. Eallair swore on his father's deathbed to kill the vampire who had chased his mother forever into the shadows and the one who killed his father. Kidnapping the vampire princess, he plans to use her as leverage. He will trade her for the one who killed his father and attacked his mother as well as to create a peace between the two kinds and end the century old fighting.

Catriona MacKeller, the raven-haired vampire princess, welcomes her captor as a sort of challenge. She will show him that even though she is only half vampire, half mortal, she can work the magic and ferocity of both sides.

Will this dark princess weave a spell around the werewolf king, or will he be able to resist the silvery moon color of her eyes?


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Catriona's P.O.V.

   "I'm proud of you. you didn't insult me once," Eallair said as we left the great hall.

   "I told you I'd do my best."

   "I wasn't sure if you'd be able to do it."

   "I don't lie." I said angrily.

   "I wasn't saying you do. I was simply saying I wasn't sure what you doing your best would be."……